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Watch Beauty and the Beast OnlineWatch Beauty and the Beast Online at CouchTuner . In the fall 2003, Catherine Chandler’s mother gets killed by two unknown hitmen who then chase her into the woods to kill her too where she is saved by a mysterious humanoid beast. Nine years later, Catherine is now working as a successful police detective, but is still plagued by memories of the mysterious man-beast as well as her mother’s unsolved murder. Catherine currently has a case involving blonde fashion editor Ashley Webster, who was killed in a hotel. During the search, she finds fingerprints of a deceased doctor named Vincent Keller on the corpse. However, she learns that Keller was only helping Webster, who was previously poisoned which caused her death. Ashley’s husband Alex had been cheating on her and that caused one of his mistresses to kill his wife. Catherine meets Vincent as he again saves her during an attack in a subway tunnel.

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